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We are proud..

At Eden we are proud to welcome charter schools to our valued network of family support options. Charters supply guidance, resources, tools, and financial assistance to homeschooling families. This makes a variety of additional options for learning choices and assessment possible. 

I was a homeschooling mom for 12 years and do not believe I would have been nearly as successful without the guidance of my charter school Educational Advisor. My children received more benefits to their education and their futures thanks to the insight and experience provided to them from our charter school.

We value our charter relationships and welcome any outreach to new charters in our area. If you have a charter school to recommend to us, please email me at:

Thank you,

Sarah Reid


Eden Learning Academy

Approved Vendors

In alphabetical Order:

Compass Charter

Elite Academy

Excel Academy

Epic Charter

Inspire Charter

Peak Prep Academy

Sage Oak

Summit Academy

Sky Mountain Charter

More information

For more information on how the process with charter schools work, visit our FAQ page.