Welcome to Eden Virtual Academy!

EVA has taken our amazing program here at Eden Learning Academy and made it available to you from the comfort of your own home. We believe strongly in connections between your child with their fellow students and their instructors. This is why all of our EVA courses are offered with face to virtual face time with instructor and students on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

Instructors will provide a welcoming environment to facilitate discussions and Q&A with all students. We know that homeschooling can leave many students frustrated with certain subjects or assignments they may not fully understand in an independent environment. At EVA, we are here to help. 

Days/Times of virtual meetings will vary from class to class, Please scroll to bottom and download our Schedule for days and times for each class.

For the Fall 2020 semester, we are proud to offer the following courses with EVA:

NERD Literature: Narrative, Expository, Reflective, Descriptive essays using modern fiction in the fantasy and action genres. This course is suited to 10-12th grade.

English - Essay Composition: With many students struggling to write High School Level Essays, this course breaks down all the mystery and struggle to enable students to write strong, 

competent papers. This is recommended for groups of 10-12th grade and 7-9th grade groups.

English - Creative Writing YA Novels: By far our most popular English Course. Earn 1 year of HS credit while you write and self-publish your own Young Adult adventure novel! Our workbook and lectures will guide you through the process from start to finish. 9-12th grades.

English - Creative Writing ER Novels: Based on our most popular English Course for writing YA novels, this new curriculum is for younger students to write and publish their own Early Reader/Chapter Book. Our workbook and lectures will guide you through the process from start to finish your self-published novel. 5-8th grades.

College and Career Readiness: Often a mandatory course, explore your future of college and/or career with engaging projects and virtual tours to explore your passions and talents. 9-12th grades.

Economics and Government: Want to learn what makes our society function the way it does? This class takes the monotany of these graduate required courses and makes them interesting with discussions and fun personal projects! Suggested 11th Grade (can do 10-12th grades)

Spanish 1 and Spanish 2: Each of these year-long courses will be taught by an amazing instructor who loves teaching the language of Spanish in a fun, real and exciting way!  This class will teach grammar, vocabulary, and language speaking skills. Recommended for 9-12th Grades. 

More classes will be added over the summer so check back.

Register for EVA

Registering for EVA Courses utilizes the same process as our campus students. You will fill out the enrollment application, sign the disclosures, and then register for your EVA courses.