Can I use my charter funds on your courses?

Yes, all of our courses utilize non-sectarian materials and can use charter school funds.

What charter schools are you approved with?

We are approved with the following charters:

Sage Oak, Inspire, Excel, Valiant, Summit, Epic, Sky Mountain, Springs, Peak Prep, Elite, Empire, Harbor, Citrus Springs, Pacific Springs

If you would like us to become an approved vendor for your charter, please contact our Director, Sarah Reid at sarah@edenlearningacademy.com and request your charter.

What are your fees?

The course fees vary and are listed on the course schedule, either the Tuesday or Thursday schedule. Visit the Courses page and click on either day and the tuition is listed in the right column. We bill monthly and there are 4 months in a semester.

The additional fees are itemized on our fees and tuition page. Curriculum prices will vary and those prices are listed on our curriculum form. All digital curriculum has a flat rate of $22 and can include a pdf book, worksheets, other learning tools.

How does the enrollment process work?

The enrollment process is very convenient. At Eden, our registration process is paperless. You will visit the Enroll page and fill out the application. When it has been received you will receive a few emails with documents, one will be the disclosures and agreements package that will come via Docusign. The other email will be an invoice for the registration fees as well as a course registration form that you will fill out online, save, and send back.

If you are with a charter school, you will use that invoice to request a PO or Certificate from your charter for the registration fees, those must be paid up front. If you are independent or your charter does not pay for registration fees, then you must pay the invoice directly. Options to pay are on the invoice itself. Your student will NOT be registered in any courses until the registration fee is paid.

What is ALMA?

Alma is our Learning Management System. It is where all courses will host assignments, documents, grades, downloads, student and parent information, and most communications. Upon registration in courses, both parent and student will receive login credentials for their account. This is essential to the success of every student since instructors will put all assignment due dates and grades into Alma and it is the students and parents responsibility to check it weekly.

How does Independent Study Work?

Our instructor-guided independent study courses have the same requirement as the campus classes and you meet with the instructor either once or twice a month depending on the course. These meetings are virtual meetings unless campus meetings can be arranged.

Students will submit their work online and receive grades in Alma. The instructors are also available for questions or assistance during the week via telephone, email, or even virtual meetings for any additional help needed.