What is Eden Primary, Eden Secondary, and Eden Prep and Eden Standard mean?

Eden Primary refers to our K-6th grade program. They meet and hold classes completely separated from the older grade levels. Eden Secondary refers to our 7-12th grade program. With this group we focus on academics with our many A-G approved courses. Eden Prep and Eden Standard refers to a student's enrollment status; Eden Prep is  our full-time (25 credits or more - pay flat rate) enrollment status and Eden Standard is our A la Carte enrollment status (choose 1 or more courses - pay per course). All Eden Primary students are a part of the Eden Prep Academy enrollment and the Eden Secondary students have a choice to be full-time enrolled for a reduced flat rate.

Can I use my charter funds and who are you already approved with?

We are approved with the following charters:

Sage Oak, Inspire, Excel, Epic, Sky Mountain, Peak Prep, Elite, Compass

*By law, charter funds can only be used for fully non-sectarian courses and curriculum. All courses offered by ELA are fully non-sectarian.

If you would like us to become an approved vendor for your charter, please contact our Director, Sarah Reid at sarah@edenlearningacademy.com and request your charter.

What are your fees?

The course fees vary and are listed on the course schedule, either the Tuesday or Thursday schedule. Visit the Courses page and click on either day and the tuition is listed in the right column. We bill monthly and there are 4 months in a semester.

The additional fees are itemized on our fees and tuition page. Curriculum prices will vary and those prices are listed on our curriculum form. All digital curriculum has a flat rate of $22 and can include a pdf book, worksheets, printed or project materials other learning tools such as access to study.com and more.

What is ALMA?

Alma is our Learning Management System. It is where all courses will host assignments, documents, grades, downloads, student and parent information, and most communications. Upon registration in courses, both parent and student will receive login credentials for their account. This is essential to the success of every student since instructors will put all assignment due dates and grades into Alma and it is the students and parents responsibility to check it weekly.

How do I fill out my PO requests

Our billing system is simplified to help you. We have a strong objection to "pro-rating" everything. it's too much work! We know there are 16 weeks in a semester. Therefore, we bill 4 months every semester: Fall (Sept-Dec) and Spring (Feb-May). Yes, you see that we skip January... Happy pay off your Christmas purchases month! We skip January and bill a total of 8 months out of each year.