purchase order faq


1. What months do I request my PO for?

We do not Pro-rate our courses and therefore, we bill 4 months in the Fall and 4 months in the Spring for a total of 8 months/32 weeks of classes for the year. The following billing schedule should be followed on your requests:

Fall - Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec

No billing in January

Spring - Feb/March/April/May

2. How do I fill out my P.O. for Eden courses?

Great Question! The answer is... We don't know. 

Every charter school is different on the requesting end. Some parents input it themselves online, some send an email to their teacher, some have to fill out a form to send in, some need the monthly pricing broken down by line item, some do not. The list goes on. What we can do is send you an invoice once you have registered for classes and you can use that to request your PO according to your charter's process.

3. What are the curriculum fees I need to request for my PO?

All curriculum is listed on our course descriptions under each class. All digital curriculum, lab or materials fees will need to be requested on your PO. Make sure you check for each class you are taking. We will send you an invoice after registration, but that can take up to 7 days so if you need to get it done, just make sure you check the course descriptions. 

FOR ALL CURRICULUM BOOKS THAT YOU WILL NEED TO ORDER: Many classes use a textbook and that is indicated on the course description under "curriculum." It will list a book and give you the ISBN number. Any time we provide the ISBN number, it indicates that you will need to purchase the book. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND ORDERING FROM YOUR CHARTER SCHOOL. All books we have selected can be purchased used on Amazon for $5-20 tops. It is much cheaper and significantly faster to obtain it from Amazon and use your funds for other things. Students need their books at the beginning of each semester so we recommend Amazon. If you do order through your charter school, make sure you use the ISBN number to get the correct version and the pricing is based on the vendor your charter school will order from.

4. Can we start classes before our P.O. is approved?

Most charter schools have a policy that prohibits vendors from offering services before a PO has been approved. If you feel that you will run into this problem, please reach out to administration at: admin@edenlearningacademy.com and we will see how we can help.

5. I am dropping a class mid-semester so do you need me to cancel my PO?

Per the financial policy that all new families sign upon enrollment, we allow you to drop or change classes  during the first 2 weeks of the semester only. At midnight on the second week of classes, you may no longer drop and receive a refund or not pay for the course. You are obligated for the entire 4 month semester since this is a package course. That means that we will pursue collecting the course fee for all 4 months even if you stop attending. We strongly enforce this policy due to the fact that we often have a wait list for classes and when you take a spot, it is a commitment for the semester. Therefore, we do not cancel any PO's and pursue payment from your charter and ultimately, from you directly if needed.

6. If I want to request my PO before the bill, how much do I request it for?

Please see our fees page as well as the course schedules for class fees. For Eden Primary, it is a flat rate plus fees and curriculum, the totals can be found under our Prep program information page here. If your students is a Standard Secondary (a la carte 7-12th grade) then you will simply look at the course schedule and each course has the monthly price listed here. Refer to question #1 for how many months to request.

For curriculum costs, please see #3 above.