After registering for courses, you must request a purchase order for tuition and curriculum fees from your charter school. Please utilize our fees page as well as our Course Schedules for Standard Enrollment Pricing and the Eden Prep Info page to know your Prep Program charges. Digital Curriculum and any books provided by Eden as indicated on the Course Descriptions, must be added to your PO request.

After enrollment, we will send a registration bill which must be paid or a PO issued BEFORE you can start classes at Eden. The monthly tuition billing will not begin until after classes start in September. 

It is your responsibility to finalize pricing and request a PO in time for classes to begin. 

We recognize that charters have slow processing times and we are working on that with them. If you have any problems or questions, please contact our Director, Sarah Reid, at

Course Registration

Please Fill Out One Form Per Student

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Upon registration you will be sent a bill for the registration and technology fees.

For all Independent Study Courses just put the course name and "Independent Study" for the day/time.

Thank you for registering!

For questions regarding our courses please contact us directly

(951) 405-4466 Academy Administration